Pre-Shrunk 2018

by Piper

Hello everyone!

I thought that I would make a post about something that I am really excited about. I have two paintings in the Pre-Shrunk show at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery!

This is the first painting that I submitted, titled "Sleeping Puppy".

This is the second painting that I submitted, titled "Citadel Hill".

I was so happy when I got to see my artworks on a gallery wall. :)

The show, which was originally going to end on the 10th, has been extended until the 17th of February.

There are many amazing paintings and artworks in the Pre-Shrunk show! Be sure to stop by this week and check it out!

I'm Piper and this is my blog. I'm 17 years old. I play accordion & piano. I Irish dance. I'm homeschooled & a vegan. I like Pokemon, fantasy, LOTR, Adventure Time, & superheroes. And I love reading!

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